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Published Feb 08, 22
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You will board in a bus to reach the choice center. First, you will be invited at the SSB by a senior officer and informed about the rules and guidelines, later on you will be asked to fill in some types followed by a quick breakfast but we suggest having your breakfast prior to that since the screening will be a long procedure.

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After which Photo Perception and Description Test (PPDT) is carried out. Based upon the strength, the results are revealed by afternoon and the selected prospects go to the screening space again for the document confirmation - Nda foundation in Dehradun. The staying candidates are dropped back to the train station. The file checks followed for the picked candidates immediately and If you have a problem with documents and you are not qualified for the entry, you will be sent back too or asked to report later on in a various batch with total files.

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Your interview and GTO tests may fall on any of nowadays. Typically, you get one free day in AFSB. A few of you might have your GTO/Interview on the last day also. Some may have GTO/Interview on the same day however the timings won't clash for the 2. You might go directly from GTO for the interview.

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The interview is normally a 30 minutes-60 minutes procedure. You'll be informed well beforehand through a notification put on the notification board about the schedule of your tests. This is the conference day. Some may have their interview/GTO scheduled before the conference likewise. The conference is a place where you get to see all the board members in uniform.

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You are hired the conference hall and the process is of barely a minute, it might go for borderline cases. After the conference your outcomes are announced, it's lunchtime by now (NDA Foundation). Those who make through are asked to stay back for the remaining rules and others are reclaimed to the railway's station.

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Address: Head Office: 29, Subhash Rd, near Lord Venkateshwar Wedding Point Dehradun, pin- 248001 Uttarakhand , India
Phone: +91-9557320811 +91-7060588935

Digital Pilot Selection System (CPSS) will change the old PABT test and instruments that were in usage for years. Though there is no clear verification till now regarding when CPSS test will replace the PABT test completely. Like PABT test, the prospect will get just one chance to clear the CPSS test, if failed, would never be qualified for flying in the armed forces, be it Air force, army, navy or coast guard.

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